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Study Permits and Attestation Letters

When will the process for attestation letters be available?

As per the government announcement, provinces are mandated to establish their attestation letter process by March 31.

I applied for a new study permit before January 22, 2024, but haven’t received a response. Will the new study permit cap affect me?

No, if you submitted your complete study permit application before January 22, 2024, the new cap does not apply to you. Your application will proceed as usual.

I applied for a new study permit after January 22, 2024. What should I expect?

If your application was submitted after January 22, 2024, it will not be processed, and you will receive a refund. This does not indicate rejection, and you can reapply once the new process for attestation letters is implemented.

I am a current high school student with a valid study permit. Do I need a new study permit?

No, if you currently hold a valid study permit, there is no need to apply for a new one. Ensure to extend your study permit before it expires, especially after accepting an offer and completing your current program.

I am a current high school student studying outside Ontario. Will the new study permit cap affect me?

No, your study permit remains valid for any Canadian province as long as it has not expired.

I’m enrolled in another Canadian university/college and wish to transfer to King’s. Am I exempt from the cap?

Yes, if you possess a valid study permit, you are exempt from the cap and can proceed with transferring to King’s.

My study permit is still valid but will expire soon. Can I renew it?

Yes, you can renew a valid study permit. Starting January 30, 2024, a new version of the study permit extension form will be available. Ensure to use the updated form for applications, as IRCC will not accept submissions using the old form after this date.